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This is the first post for our Helena Woodworkers Guild blog, Sawdust & Shavings. The name of our blog isn't set in concrete yet (or I should say, carved in wood) so at some point, I'll be soliciting ideas from all of our members for what we should call our website. In the meantime, this is here for your use, all you Helena woodworkers. I'll be doing a demonstration of how to use our blog and our flickr photo page and what kind of things we might want to do on our blog ... at one of our next Guild meetings. So I look forward to a fun, educational and useful website here.
-- Maureen Shaughnessy (Tim Carney and I have been working on this together, and I will probably be doing most of the writing from our end of things ... we welcome any and all articles, links, posts etc from any of our members.)

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