Sweetgrass Joinery Timber Framing

Dave Tim Bill Scott Nancy
Guild members visit with Scott Carlson (right) and his wife, Nancy, after Carlson's Timber Framing presentationin Helena, Montana on June 30th.

Thank you, Scott, for a wonderful, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable evening learning about traditional timber frame construction. I'm sure all who attended gained valuable insights not only into the techniques of timber framing and the difference between what many builders call "timber framing" and traditional timber framing .... but we also saw how connected you are with the spirit of the trees and forests. You're one of those rare souls, Scott, who follows your heart in your career and consequently connects with the hearts of your clients. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and artistry with the Helena community.

Nancy Dave; Joshua Jonathan John and Scott
Left, Nancy talking with her father-in-law, Dave Carlson. Right, Jonathan, Joshua and John Klesch visit with Scott Carlson

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