February Guild Meeting: Sketchup & Making Use of our Websites

Our February guild meeting will be held late in the month this time -- we are scheduled for Monday, February 23 at the Lewis and Clark Library. We have the large conference room scheduled from 5:30-8:30pm and the computer lab scheduled from 6-8 so we'll be in both rooms after our social time and meal.

The Guild is providing the entire meal, including beverages. We'll eat in the large conference room off of the library's new lobby. Please do not bring your own beverages this time -- the library does not allow alcohol on the premises. The meal is on us!

Bill Daigle will demonstrate the basics of Sketchup, which he uses to design his woodworking projects. The library will have the software loaded onto computers in the lab, so we can follow along with Bill on the overhead monitor.

There are 10 student stations in the lab, so plenty of computers for us to share. Even if you don't know how to use a computer, you might like to see what can be done with computer-aided-drafting/drawing and design.

Maureen will have at least two computers set up in the conference room, to give us hands-on practice using the Guild's websites and Facebook network (left)

Basics to be covered by Maureen will include setting up online photo storage, uploading photos, setting up simple websites for members who do not have an online presence, and registering for your own Facebook page so that you can participate in the Guild's Facebook activities and announcements. Please consider checking this out even if you don't think you'll spend much time on Facebook or the guild's website. There are many ways you can make use of the Guild's online offerings, not only for participating in Guild activities, or to promote your woodworking hobbies or businesses. With your own web site or Facebook page, you can share your woodworking with your friends and families.

Another simple SketchUp sketch with the final product below:


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