Woodworking shop for two

Every once in awhile a body needs to just kick back and have fun.
To heck with meetings, eh?

Well, that's what we did at our December woodworkers' guild meeting: we had way too much delicious food to eat (which caused the more stuffed of us to kick back. uhuh) and -- we all enjoyed visiting with the other woodworkers and a few family members.

Mike and Priscilla Bode hosted the party (oops - I mean, the meeting) at their shop, just off of the alley. With high ceilings, skylights and white walls, the shop is bright and seemingly just large enough for their business, which specializes in furniture. I shot a few photos before I had a couple glasses of wine ... even these are a bit fuzzed, given that I was more interested in partying than covering my usual role of guild documentarian. Well, here's a few shots from our December (ahem!) meeting:

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