New Feature: The Dump Pile

Guild members, we now have an experimental new feature on our website: The Dump Pile.

At our September meeting, Dave Ashley suggested starting a barter/sell/dump system for unburdening ourselves and our shops of woodworking-related stuff and tools we no longer need or want. Maureen agreed to try to find some way to allow our members to post articles for give-away or sale online, as well as to see what other woodworkers have posted. Dave is also going to have a place at Helena Hardwoods to post The Dump Pile.

I have set up a "wiki" that will hopefully eventually become an interactive Dump Pile. Below is the button I made to put on Sawdust & Shavings to make it easy for our members to find the Dump Pile. I have also put the button at the bottom of the sidebar (scroll way down) where it will always be.


When you click the button, you will end up on a start page. On the left of that page, click where it says "Sawdust & Shavings Dump Pile." Anyone can view the "ads" in our dump pile. In order to post your own ad on The Dump Pile, you must "join." If you are having trouble figuring out how to do that, please email Maureen: maureenshaughnessy(at)gmail(dot)com.

I hope we get some participants in this new feature. Let me know if you are confused or can't make it work. :-D --Maureen


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