New Guild Officers

At our September Meeting, the Helena Woodworkers Guild officially recognized our new and continuing officers. Mike Flanagan (left) is now our Secretary and Bill Pratt(below left) takes over from Priscilla Bode as Guild Treasurer.

Thank you to Priscilla and to Lance Seaman, outgoing Secretary, for all of your hard work over the last couple of years.

And thanks for sure, to Tim Carney, for agreeing to continue as Guild President. Tim has really brought the guild in a good direction since he became president a couple of years ago.

The Helena Woodworkers Guild continues to grow and evolve, every year we greet lots of new members and figure out ways to function as a source of woodworking education, networking, and support for all of Helena's woodworkers. If any of our members know of someone who is not already coming to our meetings, or aware of our activities, please invite that person to attend our meetings as your guest. We are also very interested in welcoming young woodworkers and youth who might be interested in woodworking as a career or hobby.

Good Luck to our new officers and again, thanks to our outgoing officers.

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