Woodworkers' Guild Dump Pile


At our September meeting our members decided we wanted to have a Dump Pile to use as a way to barter, sell or just get rid of woodworking stuff and materials we no longer want. This might include hand tools, power tools, shop machines, extra wood, cabinet doors and drawers, old woodworking magazines, instructional videos, anything you can think of.

The first few items in the Dump Pile are just for samples of how our pile will look once people start adding stuff.

If you would like to participate in the Dump Pile, please send Maureen your email address and you will be invited to become a member of our Woodworkers Dump Pile, which is actually a wiki (explanation of exactly what a "wiki" is, will be forthcoming at an upcoming meeting.) For now, once you get the invite to the dump pile, just follow instructions and you can add your items, or respond to anyone else who has items for free or barter.

You will also be able to participate in discussions, ask questions and answer other guild members' questions, and upload files, photos and documents to our wiki. That means you will be able to add your email address, your phone numbers and shop addresses to our master-members-list. This will be immensely helpful to our communications.

Also, if you sign up for email updates at the DumpPile (see screenshot, left) you will get notices when someone wants your items, or when someone puts up a new item.

Please add items as soon as possible so we can get this going.

I will eventually put the dump pile logo/badge in our website sidebar so it will always be handy to click on and see what's new in our dump pile.

Thanks for making our guild website and our guild a vital, dynamic club/online network.

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