You know you're a woodworker if

You cut yourself with a chisel and you’re more concerned about not getting blood on your workpiece than you are about the laceration.

You inexplicably find sawdust in your drawers. And I’m not talking about furniture.

You have dropped to your knees and looked beneath a table in a museum, a gallery, an historic home, or a friend’s house.

You cannot resist the temptation to lift the lid on a wooden box.

You can talk to your partner/spouse/significant other for HOURS about woodworking despite the glazed over look in his/her eyes.

You can spend an entire day in your shop, accomplish little if anything, and thoroughly enjoy it.

You know exactly where everything is in your shop....except for a pencil.

You have built more projects in your head than in actuality.

Your spouse/partner/lovedones/pets know not to bother you, and sometimes choose to run for cover, when you are gluing up a project.

You remove more splinters from your hands in a month than most people do in a lifetime.

You can correctly pronounce Padauk and Lignum Vitae.

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