October Woodworkers Guild Meeting

Hello Wood Enthusiasts and Professionals Alike,

Paul Anderson has graciously offered to host the next guild meeting, and I've finally succeeded in getting ahold of him to get the details. My apologies for the late notice. We'll meet at his house this Monday the 18th at 5:30.

Paul has restored a circa 1948 scroll saw that should be interesting to check out.

He's providing a Ham main dish, so you can bring a side dish, beverage or just your fascinating and talented self.

Directions to his place are as follows: Find Colonial Drive which is also the Frontage Road between Helena and Montana City. There is a 4 way stop intersection about half way between the South Helena Exit Rotary and the Montana City Rotary. If you're coming from Helena on Colonial Drive, you will make a left turn at this intersection. If your coming from Montana City, you'll make a right. Cross over the highway, make a left on Antler, then a right on Browtine, then a left on Spike St...Paul's house is #14 Spike St. (map below)

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Note from webmaster: the illustrations are just for fun. These do not represent the scroll saw Paul will show us. :-)

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